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About Us


In the "post-pandemic" era, restaurant customers are demanding faster and easier ways to order. Like most people, they are more committed to working on their mobile devices, checking social media, switching back and forth between different apps, messaging friends, and browsing different websites. In other words, customers live and work online.

We believe that through MealKeyway's self-developed intelligent online ordering system, with big data and mobile Internet as the core concept, it can help restaurants quickly and easily maintain direct contact with customers online, so as to maintain direct relationships with customers and improve the operation level of restaurants and efficiency, thereby enhancing the overall image of the restaurant. As technology evolves and new technology platforms emerge, MealKeyway online orders will be there to help our restaurants stay competitive online. We can't control the taste of food, but we can use the necessary tools to provide more convenient and efficient ways to order and serve food, accurately reach target diners, and achieve overall revenue growth.

                                                                                                    -MealKeyway Team

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