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MealKeyway provide a commission-free online ordering system. Improve your restaurant services and save more!

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Expand your customer outreach with MealKeyway Marketing Service!

Boost Restaurant Marketing

MealKeyway helps you keep customers coming back again and again!

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Order with Google

Pay with Stripe

Deliver with Doordash

Designated Account Manager

  • Quality multi-language communication

  • Regular strategic support

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Social-Media Marketing and Management

  • Extra 10% off from all Yelp ads via Yelp Partner Program

  • Free monthly budget for Facebook/Google advertising 

  • Professional Google Adwords service

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Advanced Data Analysis

Traffic dashboards with smart data analysis

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Event Planning & Promotion

  • Customized marketing plans

  • Holiday promotions

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Optimized Google Business Profile

  • Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Visual Design Services

  • Holiday and event posters

  • New product release poster

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Effective Advertising Strategies

Professional Social Media Strategies

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Free Promotion Materials

  • Customize graphic design tailored to your needs 

  • Printed materials shipped to you for free

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MealKeyway Marketing Service

Boost your restaurant marketing and power your branding!


MealKeyway Integrated
Online Ordering

We build a Multifunctional Online Ordering System for restaurants with NO commission, NO setup fee, NO monthly fee!


Power your food delivery


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